Sacombank Cambodia POS


  • Your store’s images and reputation will be enhanced by deploying card payment service which shows the professionalism, while also providing customer the convenient payment method.
  • The management through card payment helps saving the expenses, being convenient and safe rather than cash. For example, to minimize errors or losses, has no management expense such as personnel counting, cash management, cash transferring, etc. Moreover, when customer pays via Sacombank Cambodia POS, your sales revenue will get the bank’s interest as well.
  • Helping to improve sales volume: Today’s consumers mostly prefer card payment, so they tend to shop with the places where accept the card payment. In addition, according to the survey, the volume of card transaction is usually higher than cash transactions because the consumers are not limited by the amount of cash they carry.
  • You are free for consultation, equipment and installation of Sacombank Cambodia POS.

Conditions and documents

  • Target customer for registration
    • The public enterprises, domestic and foreign private enterprises, and joint ventures that legally trade in goods or provide services in Cambodia.
    • Family business, Cambodian and foreign individual who legally trade in goods or provide services in Cambodia.
  • Conditions for registration
    • Have business location and register business activities in accordance with Cambodia law.
    • Signing Card Acceptance Contract with Sacombank Cambodia and pledge to comply with all the rules and regulations of the International Card Organization (ICO) and Sacombank Cambodia regarding to the acceptance of card payment.
    • Not included in the high risk list of card-accepting unit or card payment termination according to any announcement from ICO.
    • Not included in the list of bad credit rating agencies.
    • Have an account in the bank.
  • Procedure for Sacombank POS Registration
    • A copy of Business License with certified one.
    • A copy of Identification Card of the head of unit.
    • Authorization from the authorized person for the other representative of the unit to sign the contract and do transactions with the bank.
    • Signed the Card Acceptance Contract with Sacombank Cambodia.
    • Other documents required by Sacombank Cambodia.

User manual

  • Step 1: Inform cardholder the payment amount
  • Step 2: Check card (may be magnetic card and chip card, need to check carefully to avoid using counterfeit card).
  • Step 3: Perform card transaction on card reader
    • Swipe or insert card: chip or magnetic card is performed differently. If it is a chip card, please insert the card into the reader slot of device and leave that card in the device until the transaction ended. For magnetic card, please swipe the card through the card reader.
    • Follow the next steps as shown on the POS
  • Step 4: Return the card and make documents relating to card transaction
  • Step 5: Settle the payment transaction.


  • Any types of card accepted by Sacombank Cambodia POS: All domestic debit cards, visa, visa credit cards issued by Sacombank Cambodia; all visa cards issued by other banks in Cambodia; and all international visa cards.
  • Card-accepting unit (Merchant) should settle the payment as the transaction date. Comparing the total invoice and the total amount between the summary invoice and the detailed invoice.
  • Complete invoices with cardholder’s signature and keep in accordance with the regulation of Sacombank Cambodia.
  • No surcharge for cardholder
  • Do not continue to perform transactions for cards that have been declined.
  • In case of counterfeit card suspicion, kindly contact Sacombank Cambodia customer service 24/7.
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