Housing Loan


  • Ideal for house purchasing, building, or renovation with the best financial support
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Should you buy house in development project cooperated with Sacombank, you can use the house itself as collateral for the loan.


  • Flexible repayment methods and term to meet your demand
  • Financing up to 70% of the value of house you’re purchasing or your other collateral
  • Collateral: Real estate

Conditions and documents

  • ID/Passport; Family record book/Certificate, book of temporary residence of borrower, his/her wife/husband and guarantor (if any)
  • Documents on income proof and debt payment capacity
  • Documents on the property to be purchased/transferred (Purchase and sale contract, deposit contract, quotation, etc.)
  • Documents on collaterals
  • Other documents (if any) required by Sacombank
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