Business Loan


  • Meet all demands on capital supplementation for business operation, production, service supply, etc. in order to expand production scale and increase competitiveness
  • Simple assessment process and quick disbursement


  • Unlimited. Based on customers’ business plan, self-financed capital, debt payment capacity and Sacombank’s financing capacity.
  • Loan amount up to 70% of collateral value (maximum 85% of total project value)
  • Loan terms: Loan term is based on business cycle, provisions for cash flow, payback period of the investment project and debt payment capacity of customers.
  • Choices of currency: KHR/USD
  • Competitive interest rate (please refer to table of interest rate)
  • Collateral: Real estate

Conditions and documents

  • Valid identity card or passport/ Family record book/ Residence book/ book of temporary residence of borrower, his/her wife/husband and guarantor (if any)
  • Documents on proof of loan purpose
  • Documents on income proof and debt payment capacity
  • Documents on collateral
  • Other document (if any) required by Sacombank
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